Mysterious Digestion, Solved

"All acupuncturists are not created equal. I have been to my share-- some were bad, some were good, and just a couple were excellent. Heather falls into this last category.

Not only is Heather skilled at her trade, she is sensitive, caring, and intuitive, and constantly working to improve her already in-depth knowledge of acupuncture and herbology through seminars and study. Truly touching is the way Heather continues to think about her clients' issues on her own time, outside of their appointments. A stool test revealed that through careful thought she accurately diagnosed a candida overgrowth that had been troubling me and baffling MD's for over two years.

The icing in the cake is that Heather is a pleasure to spend time with, so visits are both physically and emotionally healing. Between her knowledge, determination, and genuinely caring nature, she can help guide you down your personal path to wellness."  

— E.B..

Scoliosis Relief

"Phenomenal - profound! Heather is a master intuitive healer. I have been coming to Heather for four years for my scoliosis. She has kept me pain free and also accelerated my well-being holistically. Unlike other acupuncturists, Heather has a highly intuitive gift that goes along with her many years as a skilled practitioner. She refines her questioning before taking pulses and applying needles, honing in on what is *really* going on :) I highly recommend her services."

— G.W.

Energy Restored

"After years of slow decline from chronic health problems including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I embarked on finding and treating underlying causes last year. My experience has been that many health care practitioners do not continue with follow up.  I count Heather as one of the few who is dedicated to helping treat underlying issues.  Bouncing from one treatment protocol to another took its toll on my faith that my health could be restored, but Heather has stood by me.
One of the things that makes her different is that at every appt. Heather follows up on symptoms and results of my previous visit with her, as well as tracking my progress from my other treatment protocols.  I have found it rare for any one healthcare practitioner to show interest in the results of my other treatment protocols.  When a treatment doesn't work, she continues to delve into other causes, and try other treatments. 
I am now seeing results and am very thankful to be one of Heather's patients."

— R.G.



"I have worked with other acupuncturists, but none as talented, intuitive, mindful, or present as Heather." 

— M.F.


Third IUI Success

"At 38 years of age, I was suffering from back pain and infertility.  After 2 IUIs, I was a bit discouraged, heading into my third IUI.  I decided to do something different, and so sought out acupuncture to increase my odds of success.  I found Heather!  She has a calming presence, and a healing touch.  I felt immediately at ease.  After a couple of treatments with Heather, I went into my 3rd IUI.  I waited impatiently for those next two weeks to pass, and got my BFP (big fat pregnancy)!  I credit Heather for this change in my progress. I continued my treatments all the way through my pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy ball of energy. And my back pain is gone, too, which is quite a relief since carrying a baby all day is no walk in the park."

"At 40 years of age, I am again seeking Heather's care for infertility as we work toward baby #2 using IVF.  I trust her, and believe in my progress under her care."

— J.B.

Baby Number Two

"I am forever grateful to Heather for helping us conceive our second baby boy. Our first boy was not easily conceived either. After several failed attempts of fertility treatments, we decided to try acupuncture. When we moved to Marin I stopped seeing my acupuncturist in Berkeley and found the wonderful Heather in Fairfax. We started trying for number 2 about a year after Marshall was born in 2010. I began seeing Heather weekly for fertility treatments and conceived Camden about 8 months later without any fertility drugs! Heather took the time to listen to our concerns and regulatory prescribed herbs for fertility. She has always been so in tune with me and my body and we appreciate everything she has done for us. I continue to see her for my general well being about once or twice a month. I am convinced she is the reason we have our second beautiful boy." 

— N.S.


Simple Balancing

"I have worked with other acupuncturists, but none as talented, intuitive, mindful, or present as Heather. I sought out Heather as I was getting ready to try to conceive and I wanted my body to be as strong and as ready as possible. Upon asking a series of questions, Heather began to work her magic and treated the whole of me, mind, body and spirit. After a couple of weeks of weekly acupuncture and herbs, I began to feel a shift and changes within. As my cycle approached Heather targeted points to strengthen my reproductive system. I am delighted and so deeply blessed to report that I got pregnant the first month we tried!  I continue to work with Heather and will continue to work with her throughout my pregnancy. I have a deep sense of gratitude that my journey led me to her."

— M.F.

Help With Breech Baby 

"Heather is absolutely wonderful to work with. Her acupuncture with moxibustion treatments helped me turn my breech baby head down during the 34th week of my pregnancy. I believe Heather's treatments were key in flipping my baby into the optimal position. In addition to working on the acupuncture points associated with flipping the baby, Heather addressed a couple other issues I mentioned to her as well. She is a great listener who truly has her patients' best interests at heart, and she is skilled at putting her patients at ease. Her office is clean and cozy too. I will be returning to her for more acupuncture in the future!"

— N.F.


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