My name is Heather Moore L.Ac. and it is my goal to balance your endocrine system to increase your quality of life and stopped being hijacked by your hormones. Or to assist you in conception and delivering a healthy baby so you can fulfill your dream of having a beautiful family to share and create your own memories! 

I was born and raised in Plymouth, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, where I was surrounded by nature and developed a passion for natural sciences and medicine. I LOVE medicine. I could read anatomy and physiology books forever!

When I was 18, I sought help for a gynecology issue that was ongoing for four years. Western Medicine proved to be a disappointment, so I turned to kinesiology and nutrition, which solved the problem in a couple of cycles. I radically changed my diet from a lot of meat, dairy and sugar to vegetarian. Not only did my cycles improve, but I was struggling with cystic acne that resolved in a couple of weeks, despite years of antibiotic and steroid creams. 

I went to Western Michigan University and studied marine biology/chemistry, then moved to San Diego in 1996 for graduate school. Upon my arrival, I was promptly persuaded to pursue a different career. Over nine months, my eyes were opened to a new way of being and seeing health, vitality and life in general and found myself enrolling at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for my Masters.

Since graduating in 1999, I have had a focus on Women's Health. In 2009, I became a Fellow of American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM), to become an expert in fertility and conception. I love connecting with women, co-creating and holding their vision for the future, be it future family or future health. I have spent 16 years studying acupuncture, meditation, yoga and nutrition. I have a keen intuition and can pinpoint what isn't working for you and move you into a place of alignment with your center. You will experience more flexibility, inner peace, harmony and better equipped to adapt to stress.  

Fun Facts People Don't Know About Me:

  • I went to the Price is Right in 1996. I know the secret to getting on the show, PM me!
  • I love bugs and snakes. I will pick them up with my bare hands.
  • I absolutely love fast cars and motorcycles. In my first year of driving, I got 8 speeding tickets. My father was not happy. 
  • I'm a food snob. I crave yummy intense flavors that burst in my mouth. 
  • My favorite era is the 1920's, the fashion was out of this world. I secretly want to be a clothing designer and love all things beautiful.

When I'm not working I am outside hiking, paddle boarding, or riding my motorcycle in Point Reyes or the back roads of Sonoma. I have a kitty named Blue who is the love of my life and an awesome partner Chris who keeps me grounded and laughing.

I look forward to working with you to create the life and health you desire!