Welcome to Flourish Healing Arts

We find ourselves in a time that is increasingly difficult to navigate: what looks like food may not provide much nourishment, what is called medicine may cause further health imbalances, and something as sustaining as our drinking water may contain chemicals that we must detoxify from. 

To flourish means to be in a vigorous state; thrive and to grow luxuriantly in and through the physical body. I have an instinctive gift for healing and have been an inspired source for health advice for over 10 years.

Mission Statement

My mission is to empower you in your health.  I feel that it is our right, as human beings, to know how to take care of ourselves.  We should know what is in our food and water and how to make nourishing choices.  We should be made aware of which chemicals we are exposed to and how best to avoid them.  

We must be able to listen to our bodies' distress signals and know how to bring ourselves back into balance.  

We  need to feel confident in our health care choices, and to understand that our choices not only affect our well-being, but the well-being of our children and our loved ones

Office Visit

I take the time to truly know you and your health concerns. During your first visit we will take an in-depth history and complete a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic examination. This will allow me to carefully assess the physical and emotional factors that might be affecting your health. After we discuss diet, exercise, and lifestyle, you will receive a gentle and relaxing acupuncture treatment. Based on the outcome of my evaluations, we will create a specific treatment protocol designed especially for you. 


Million Bucks

"I am committed to feeling l like a million bucks and I'm almost there in a short few months with no need of violent drugs in my system, thanks in large part to Heather's work.  Unfortunately, I only feel better when I DO what she tells me instead of just saying I'm gonna do it and then blowing it off.  But the beauty is that if I want a solution, it is readily available."

-Maritza, San Francisco.

Pinched Nerve

"When I had a pinched nerve in my neck, I was doing everything possible to avoid surgery, including receiving treatments from Heather.  I started getting better but didn’t know what was healing me until Heather was out of town for two weeks – when all progress stopped.  After she returned, I continued to improve until I completely healed. "

 -Software Engineer, San Francisco